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4 Applications that made millions .. Check it

Posted at 2:53 PM on October, 9 2016

Applications made a revolution in the mobile phone industry. While mobile phones were only used for making calls or simple games or calculators, today mobile phones contain games similar to "Xbox" and "PlayStation". As smart phones became the most important kind of electronics to people, it has also become the money maker for its developers thanks to many modern applications.

Check the most prominent applications among these, according to "Investopedia" website: 

1- Draw Something:

“OMGPOP” website created “Draw Something” application, which specializes in games for more than one user. The application reached 50 million downloads, and 24 million active users per day. This application, which can help you display graphics through Facebook, reached previously million users in 9; the thing that Facebook took 9 months to do.

Although the revenues of the application are unknown, but it is estimated to around 250,000 dollars per day. 

2- Angry Birds:

“Angry Birds” is one of the most famous applications worldwide, which exceeded more than 300 billion downloads since its launch in 2009. Recently “Angry Birds Space” application was launched also, where it reached 10 million downloads in three days.

Analysts estimate the company’s worth to more than $ 9 billion, as its sales recorded in 2011 about $ 100 million, with a profit that reached about 48 million. 

3- Design This Home:

This application, which created by “App Minis” company for developing games, allows you to build and design your dream house without hiring architects and designers, and paying a lot of money.

Nearly 300,000 users and about 4 million players, are using the application per day. It also generates about 1 million dollars per month, which is a massive success compared with a budget amounted to only 50,000 dollars. 

4- Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja game recently exceeded billion downloads, since its launch six years ago. As the number of users, reached 60 million users per month.

The application recorded a huge success, since its beginning. In the third month of its launch, more than a million unit of the application were sold. In addition to two million units sold in September 2010, and four millions in December 2010. In March 2011, total downloads exceeded 20 million, to reach 300 million downloads by May 2012.


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