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4 Products Apple have changed the world with

Posted at 2:31 PM on October, 9 2016

Even the world's biggest and most profitable companies, needed to find ways to dazzle the world and change it. Apple Inc.; the technology giant in less than 40 years ago, was made up of only two people, and now its products are sold faster than any of its competitors.

It is noticeable, and despite the rise in its sales, that Apple did not invent any of its products. All of its main products, ranging from laptop devices and phones and up to tablets and "MP3" music players, had been present before. However Apple versions of them, managed to change the world dramatically. The most important of these versions are:


The first Macintosh computer was invented in 1984, in the wake of Apple's varying successes with Apple I, Apple II and Apple III. It was the first computer to use "graphical user interface", an innovation that helped everyone interacts to a great extent with today's computers.

It is worth mentioning that "graphical user interface", is the attribute that helps the user interact with computer using items and graphic images.

"Macintosh" is now known as "Mac," which has a long production line of "iMac", "Mac Pro", "Mac mini" and "MacBooks".


"The Independent", the British newspaper, described the launching of the music player "iPod" saying, “its release shook up the entire industry”. The thing that helped in producing higher sales, making Apple's rivals imitating it.

iPod also helped launch other products for Apple, such as "iTunes" and its built-in store, to help manage content on iPod devices. Also, "iPhone" was made using the same techniques of the iPod.

Its manufacturing stopped in September of last year, because Apple couldn’t get its parts anymore.

Downloading music legally:

"iTunes" application appeared at a crucial time for the music industry, as by the time it was created in 2003 the music industry was in crisis. A lot of people back then downloaded music freely and illegally, and even if they wanted to buy digital songs and albums, there were a small number of services that allowed them to do so. "iTunes" changed all this, and offered a new way of pricing and selling music.

App store:

Apple launched the store after a year of iPhone’s release, this service allows users to surf and download applications that have been developed by Apple. As of June 2015, 1.4 million applications have been available in the store, and more than 75 billion copies of applications have been downloaded till June 2014.


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