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7 free applications that will help you save money

Posted at 12:46 PM on October, 9 2016

Saving money and controlling spending habits, is very difficult. As tracking areas you spend money in, and try to rationalize spending and make savings in the budget, could be a daunting task for anyone. That is why you may need one of these free applications, which will help significantly in saving money. Check the most famous 7 among these applications, according to "Entrepreneur": 


This application works in conjunction with your bank account, in order to create a costumed budget. Taking into consideration, your spending history, and future goals. This is a secure application, which is trusted by many. 

"Pocket guard Budget App":

This application monitors your spending, along with income. The thing that helps to do payments such as rent and bills, besides sending you an account statement. This application also highlights spending habits, which helps in determining where to reduce expenses. 

"Good budget":

This application integrates budgets on all devices which helps any group of people, such as business partners or spouses or anyone who has a joint account with others, to keep up with their accounts easily. This application also helps users, to save while purchasing with certain layout items. 


This application allows users, to pay bills and manage budgets. It also keeps you updated with your budget, after each purchase. 


This application is designed to address different budgets, as it follows a comprehensive approach in managing money. You can log on purchases record manually or with images of receipts, the application shall then notify the user with the dates of bills payment or if they have reached their goals in savings.  

"Level Money":

"Level Money" application replaces your bank account balance, with a specific number for spending. This helps you to stay on track and achieve your savings goals. The application detects income and expenses, to get out a daily number. 


"Unsplurge" application traces your savings, for targets such as vacations or big purchases, which helps you in saving.


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