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For Web Designers .. Names in the field you should know

Posted at 1:25 PM on October, 9 2016

In any field, there are people who were able to carve their names in it. Whether by offering interpretations, or technical approaches, or ideas that added to this area to a great extent, and paved the way for many people by giving them the best opportunities to learn.

"Creative Blog" has published a blog containing the most important names in the web design field, not according to a list or evaluation of a specific destination, but for the individuality of their work aside from others. Check these names:               

1) Ethan Marcotte:

Ethan Marcotte is considered as one of the most well-known web designers, also he is a frequent speaker in technology conferences. He is the one who started "Responsive design" approach; an approach for web design aimed at allowing web pages to be displayed, in response to the size of the device that is used for display. 

2) Chris Coeur:

Chris Coeur is one of the leading experts around the world in CSS and HTML, as he writes one of the most popular blogs about CSS in the world called "CSS tricks". Over the course of his career, Coeur published several lessons, locations, and scripts to help wed designers improve their skills.

3) Karen McGrane:

Karen McGrane is a strategic expert in content, and user experience “UX”. She has experience as a "UX" designer, for more than 15 years. She also has designed some of the biggest, and most complicated websites of all-time. 

4) Dan Cederholm:

Dan Cederholm is a famous wed designer, and the author of five books on web design covering everything starting from coding and up to "Sass"; an extension of CSS. 

5) Sarah Parmenter:

Sarah Parmenter is a "UX" designer, specialized in designing for the Internet, iPhone and iPad in particular. Parmenter is known for speaking at conferences around the world about web design, and her customer’s list include BlackBerry Company and National Breast Cancer Foundation of America. 

6) Jeffrey Zeldman:

Jeffrey Zeldman Could be seen as the most famous designer on the list, as he is the author of the famous book "Designing with Web Standards". He is also the founder of "Happy Cog" studio, a consulting firm based in the United States, which has clients such as "MTV" channel and Stanford University.


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