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Olympic Committee uses technology to help future host cities

Posted at 12:42 PM on October, 9 2016

Following the end of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the International Olympic Committee "IOC" began to lay the foundation stone for the Olympic Games in the upcoming years.

Usage of technology to assist organizers in the future:

The IOC’s Olympic Games Knowledge Management program was established in 2000, in order to assist in the preparation of the Olympic Games held then in the Australian capital, Sydney.

Recently a contract was made with Teleport, a Swiss-based startup specialized in creating computer programs, during the Youth Olympic Games held last February. It was hired for their ability to use technology, in a way that helps in creating unique visual content. Satisfied with the result, the IOC decided to use Teleport for the Rio Games as well.

How effective these technologies and this cooperation:

During the Olympic Games 2016, the Committee used the Olympic Games Knowledge Management program, to collect data and prepare reports, to share knowledge of the Games with future host cities. The thing that added a lot to the event, especially after the cooperation with the Swiss company, where the company has developed a Random Access Video Encoding (RAVE) algorithm built in JavaScript using the Meteor framework.

The thing that Christopher Payne, Head of the Olympic Games Knowledge Management program, commented on saying that “The Teleport platform is an excellent way to do this as it positions content with an obvious visual reference that transcends language barriers.” He added, “We are always looking for ways to contextualize our content to make it more intuitive.”

It is worth mentioning that the information collected through the program of the Olympic Games Knowledge Management program in Sydney in 2000, have greatly helped in preparing the Rio games this year. And same case in this year’s Olympics, which will help many of the hosting cities in the upcoming years, such as Tokyo, Pyeongchang and Beijing.


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