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Top 5 websites on the internet nowadays

Posted at 1:42 PM on October, 9 2016

Since the advent of the Internet, millions of lives have changed due to their dependence on it and the services it provides. Every day, more websites emerge. These websites vary between shopping websites, news, real estate, tourism and social networking websites.

Over the years, many websites emerged and disappeared in a period less than its own establishment time, due to the severe competition in the online world. On the other hand, many websites have appeared and was able to prove themselves like Facebook and Google. "Top websites" list, published by "Lists World", includes websites that may surprise you. Check it: 

1. Google:

Of course, "Google" is on the top of the list, as besides being the most popular search engine, it offers many services such as translation, maps and more. Thanks to it, millions of people can communicate, and get all kinds of information ranging from flights times, weather forecasts, and up to watching videos and pictures from all over the world. As the unique search technique of the website, is what made it the most popular among browsers. The search engine users, reach up to one billion users. 

2. Facebook:

Mark Zuckerberg created the famous social networking website "Facebook", while studying at Harvard University in 2004. "Facebook" provides for all of its users, the exchange of views and opinions about different events all over the world.

It also gives them a variety of services such as chatting, advertising on it, sharing videos and pictures as well as communicating with millions of people in any country in the world. The number of its users, reach up to 880 million user. 

3. YouTube:

When it comes to watching and sharing videos, nothing competes with "YouTube." The site was bought by Google, now owned by the famous search engine. YouTube now allows you to comment on videos, upload and share videos online as well as have access to many users all over the world. Its users goes up to 800 million people. 

4. Yahoo:

Yahoo, is the abbreviation for the phrase "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle". Yahoo website is considered as one of the major Internet portals, which offers services ranging from messaging, e-mail, search and others. Its number of users, reach up to 590 million. 

5. is the provider for the famous "Hotmail" services, which are used by many of the e-mail services and instant messaging. Microsoft Corp. runs the website, which acts as an intermediary for selling products and services for Microsoft. Its number of users reaches up to 490 million users.


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