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What is the difference between Web and Desktop Applications?

Posted at 1:50 PM on October, 9 2016

There are many applications in the world of technology today, such as Web Applications and Desktop Applications. As for the Web Application, you can access it through the internet. While Desktop Application, it is uploaded on your computer. While both types of applications are based on programs, but there is a fundamental difference between them.

Some see that Web applications are superior for various reasons, while others see that Desktop Applications will always have its place in the world of technology. The truth is that both of them has its advantages, but the trick lies in knowing when to use them.  

Web application:

The biggest advantage for using Web applications is flexibility, as they can be accessed from any computer, regardless of where you are. This is due to, that Web application only exists online. However it may be considered a defect, as continuous easy access to the application depends on the Internet connection speed and strength.

Also safety and security is one of the biggest problems, when it comes to Web applications. Since the Internet is not a secure 100 percent, as any trade or business on the Internet, is exposed to constant danger.

Besides some also feels that Web applications, are slower than Desktop applications. This is due to the fact that many of the websites on the Internet is witnessing a great traffic, on continuous basis. 

Desktop Application:

Desktop Applications are reliable, as you can access the application as long as you have a computer of your own at your fingertips. Also, these applications are not dependent on Internet connection in most cases, but it does have one drawback, is that you do not have access to it, unless you have a computer of your own.

Web applications have begun to take a step, ahead of Desktop applications. However, desktop applications certainly provide users with a safe experience.


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